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2010.06.07 Monday



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2010.04.07 Wednesday

Nike shoes

Nike Nike Lunar Rejuven8 is indeed pushing the shoes this summer, after we have introduced new products such as fluorescent green and purple the news, the recently published Shoes Master Vol.13 again bringing to the Lunar Rejuven8 Camo Color Matching Preview map designer sunglasses, and had a very bright color than the color of this new released slightly low profile and more suitable for everyday wear. Notice before the release of the latest Flywire Call Nike SB Zoom Omar Salazar Skateboard shoes yellow shall be available in the near future. Ultra-popular player Omar Salazar, following the team for the Nike SB P-Rod has a personal endorsement after the second shoe signing players. Nike SB Zoom Omar Salazar being compatible with the overall design of retro and Technology Cheap shoes online, cashmere leather uppers with the use of Flywire material constitutes another fly line outside the enhanced durability of nylon reinforcement technology, and the whole body of the shoe to shoe design to another in the system carrying Zoom Air cushion . Omar Salazar on the tongue with the words, by zip pocket designed to easily adjust the thickness of tongue. By Nike vintage basketball shoes Bruin modeled on Takahashi Hiroshi Fujiwara and fragment design shield UNDERCOVER sponsors Match Classic HF 2 missile was officially on sale this month. The latest version with suede green setting, the result is like Chaussures Sport series of retro work, love VNTG Department of attention in the original fans will. A book, a table tennis racket, KFC meal ... ... when the city kids wearing Nike shoes, playing handheld games, when children of migrant workers yearning for something, it was very sad that simple. The newspaper of the simplicity of the children of migrant workers wish to report soon after the community on the chain of love: Chongqing Garrison issued grants to some of the children; Municipal Charity Federation has donated to the school two ping-pong sets; Chongqing City, China Banking Regulatory Commission , Jiangbei District Women's Federation to take the children visiting the Science Museum, eating Kentucky Fried Chicken; Coral primary school children and children of migrant workers Pair ..

2010.06.07 Monday


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