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2010.06.07 Monday



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2009.06.12 Friday

Weltkulturerbe in China

China's World Heritage List

1 Great Wall

great wall

● Chinese name: the Great Wall
● English name: The Great Wall
● approval: 1987.12
● Heritage Category: Heritage
● Heritage selection criteria: the Great Wall in accordance  with the cultural heritage of the selection criteria C (I) (II) (III) (IV) (VI) were included in the "World Heritage List." 
● Evaluation of the World Heritage Committee: About 220 BC, the Qin Shi Huang unified the whole world will be built in a number of earlier fortifications intermittent connectivity as a complete defense system to resist aggression from the north. In the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 ~ 1644), and continue to be built, so that the Great Wall became the world's longest military installations. Its cultural and artistic value, enough with the history and importance of strategic match.

● Overview: Great Wall of China is the world's longest building, engineering, the largest ancient defense works a. Since the 78 century BC onwards, continuity in the construction of a 2000 years, located in northern and central China, the majority of the land, for a total length of more than 50,000 km, has been referred to as "up and down more than two thousand years, more than 100,000 in China" . Such a huge project, not only in China is in the world, is unique, so in a few years ago with the Roman Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa as the Middle Ages, such as one of Seven Wonders of the World.

● cultural heritage value: The beginning of the Great Wall from the Spring and Autumn, along with up to 2000 years of Chinese feudal society of the road. As we all know, a long history of civilization in ancient China, feudal society, is the most abundant of the chapter in the welding-hui, all the feudal society of the major political, economic and cultural aspects of the historical events, both in the Great Wall was laid a mark. Jin Ge iron railings, chase the deer strong field and the change of sovereignty, national struggle and the Great Wall and so on are reflected in them. The history of the Great Wall as kind of a monument to hydrology in China. Found hidden in the Great Wall more than 2,000 years of splendid Chinese culture and art is very rich in connotation, in addition to wall off the city, town city, beacon towers and so on its own building layout, modeling, carving, painting and other art of architecture, but also there is poetry, folk literature, such as opera singing. I do not know how many emperors through the ages will be similar,Soldiers stationed in border areas, man of letters, poems famous for the Great Wall was immortal chapter. Poetry has become a frontier fortress of the important classical literature genre. Such as Li Bai's "tens of thousands of wind, the wind degrees Pass", Wang Changling's "Qin Han Guan Mingyue, Long March has not yet," Wang Wei's "Eagle persuade more into a glass of wine, the West cause the Yang Guan" and Shen's "If suddenly spring night, the dry tree pear tree million opening," and so famous, you're never down. Meng Jiangnyu warm clothing to send the lyrics are still widely sung. Gousse impregnable pass keep the old tracks, Kyushu Zhuang Sheng-shaped mountains and rivers, lofty and vast land of China Great Wall will be forever, will never in the world civilization.

2010.06.07 Monday


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