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2010.06.07 Monday



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2010.04.01 Thursday

As an important first previous tn requin pavilions is good。

  French brand CARLOPIK,ed hardy clothing DIDERPARAKIAN the officials said, the brand has considerable popularity in France, this is the first CHIC exhibition, show the following day attracted a lot of customers have come to discuss cooperation matters. As an important first previous CHIC pavilions, the Italian Foreign Trade Committee on the Organization of the Italian National Pavilion, booth 1400 square meters from last year expanded to 1,600 square meters. The initial number of Italian exhibitors participating in the exhibition for CHIC2010 given full recognition, tn requin but they expect more visitors to discover their brand appeal. Korea Federation of Textile Industry will have held seven years, "PreviewinSHANGHAI" moved from Shanghai to Beijing to participate in the Korean Pavilion of the form "CHIC2010", they are popular with consumers has been the fashion to theChinese people blowing an genial warm air.
  Clothes can also light, clothes can also sing, clothes can be made from mineral water bottles, Tn Requin which seems unthinkable in the Taiwan Pavilion can be achieved by the Taiwan Garment Industry Association Taiwan Pavilion led brought together more than ten Taiwan exhibitors, who played the major environmental technology licensing.

2010.03.29 Monday

With casual men, especially men's Tn Requin shirt Taiping known bird

 "If you do not have the brand-name women's tn requin clothing brand casual wear, Ningbo city is at best a men's." Youngor Marketing Institute, said head of Cong. It seems that even Youngor have been waiting for a new force to save women's apparel, Ningbo.
This time, the bird's Zhangjiang Hi-Ping said Taiping, Tn Requin Taiping birds do ladies. Around 2000, has been a popular men's casual country, and the emergence of this world-famous Fujian plate. With casual men, especially men's casual shirt Taiping known bird, but it launched the "second pioneering", once again the strategic adjustment in order to men known Ningbo, all out to expand the field of women's leisure.
  Women's competition is more intense than the men, Ningbo city in that there is no women's ed hardy clothing manufacturing experience and talent, Zhangjiang Hi-level defensive performance was quite good leisure disturbed men, so that there is no peace birds plunging to their ladies a little advantage, is not it crazy ?